3 centimeters dilated of disarm
counting language dreams
with a feeling    with fowl language
with a penchant for wine
a drift of languorous motherly attention
I find a reason to slip through
the clouds
through her thighs

birth before the yellow sun melts delirium
before the corner of lips smile
mindfields cursed with reduced affect deadpan face
cottons dipped in her ladder paint cries
rungs of ladders hung out to dry
in the eyes of a Doctor monsoon attentiveness, unsung tears

in the lobby
fifteen turned up heads reach for the sky
ten doldrum friends holding hands praying
minature philosophy in the palm of father
yellow politicians and green skinned economists

from the distance a shark infested silence
took hold, and  quiet distills the air
the nostalgia of wind
the passing ships in the night, friends remembered and forgotten
meandering philandering temperament held in the light fixture of lobby
There are no men left on earth only feminists
From a distance  dust from the ground
swallows thought, levies feeling
to stand naked, respected  hated and loved
time is fast and slow as
a hug goodbye from mother never ends
I am born



This Poem was written while listening to the song Pedestal by Sixtoes @SixToesMusic

Painting: Venus Anadyomene , 1872 by Arnold Böcklin



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