I want to be a grave robber
or a dentist pulling teeth out
The irreconcilable difference of a tax return
that has whiskers and bad breathe
Our former Canadian Prime Minster MacKenzie
talks to ghosts, the current Prime Minister
Trudeau listens to people
Trees are alive with the idea of rain
from the distance
clouds look at trees, parents look at children

not yet crying,  unable to look away
call this love
and it is
and I, or my idea of God Says
I will not take this word ‘love’
away from the vernacular of my children.”

Love is a roof top that stops
precipitation from disturbing
sleep or wakefulness

Children do not know what rain is

Jason Argonaut said to me in a dream this morning
“Did you know, I can hold my breathe for one minute and nine seconds
to which …like a premature sneeze, achew!  it releases…breathe
…stars float without paddles in eye line
and periphery to see Ophiuchus”

In the crevice thought
sound of tires and engines speed by
Intermittent repertoire replaces the past
rolling on beaches
Normandy, post storming
No one is alive  to remember this

I do not know
nature has a new sound track

Ford made cars, Model T
its echo heard today
in silence with the absence
of passing cars
whisper a truth
I am not interested in?

The older fridge in the kitchen moos
sometimes, I think it is a cow
T.S. Elliot’s Wasteland always seems
over dramatic to me
So does Shakespeare
Yet I am drawn to reread them
every three years
and come to the same conclusion
with different meaning,

Today, a boat is at the bottom of
Lake Simcoe
The boat sinks when
no one is looking
It did not sink like Rimbaud’s Drunken Boat
It sinks when
no one is looking

“As I was floating down
…..I no longer felt myself steered
by the haulers”

This is the lake Glenn Gould
swims in the 50s, or was it 60s?
…plays piano in a near by cottage
Aria, Bach








Picture: Glenn Gould
Author: Don Hunstein / Glenn Gould Foundation
Source: OTRSat Wiki Commons e-mail from Katie Babcock, Marketing Associate for the Royal Conservatory of Music
From: Wiki Commons

Quote 1

“As I was floating down ….I no longer felt myself steered by the haulers” adapted from Arthur Rimbaud’s poem The Drunken Boat










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