talking to no one, that something
that happens, this
that is moderate, that is suffice
that is undersuffice

the space between rocks is not jealous
of touch, or even envious, at the very least
they are mostly honest, the space between rocks

I would like to gain insight into what is not
listed on the side of a milk carton
To have the faith not to look at the ingredients
that make up the coalescing of Nabisco products

Fat, I imagine as a 5 dimensional shape
Slim, the subatomic hyperbole, a boastful son
a daughter, or enriched lovers melt on each other
cheese on toast
in the oven
in the future

This mornings breakfast is forgotten in conversation
digestion still happens when I forget what I eat

Pretend to be alarmed
the corner of eyes are sharp
speak with a fork shaped tongue
less than a stutter, more than a lisp
the future of quantitative men measure
the light that reflects off  Basilica ceiling
the imaginary ceiling of friendship, love

minutes are hours, and hours are years
on the horizon of a finger nail
mother is giving birth to
an index pointing moment, that wants
to reflect, or shoot a gun in a mirror

the rain is late, the sun is tongue tied
an introverted moon and tall milky way
casts a shadow with light
The worms wiggle without being
given parking permits, they occupy space
and contribute to the genial corpulent hydra

ding ding, the heart string is pulled
the fish nibbles, less than a devil more than a god,
a human

the wine is turned into water
It is called an unmirracle

Swimming,  unmiracle  of not walking on water

Anthropomorphism: a man does
not misattribute human characteristics to God, or to animals, but to humans
A treatise unprovable because it is too accurate
the absence of sound and absence of white noise called silence
as how Hindu Advaita, oneness cannot be proven
because it requires two or more to perceive oneness

and if there is two or more, it fails
before it begins


All that is left is the science of oneness
perceived by oneness, the day science died




Source of Picture: Picture C.C. 3.0





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