Sound is measured with kindness
Forgetfulness, a reservation at a restaurant
Held up to a light bulb for consideration
A reciprocity of entitlement neatly preserved
Social etiquette humanism, napkins, and crystal glasses

Inflation experiences time dilation
Prices on the menu fluctuate and change
with every passing second
The waitress prefers to be referred to as waiter
blinks to communicate how she feels
The order is taken
with a bow and arrow
She tapes the  order to the arrow
and shoots the arrow with bow
into the kitchen on to a cork wall
The patron at the table next interferes and says
“Nice archery”

This faux pas of polite accord
forgiven with laughter by
everyone in sounds soft vicinity

When people do not know what to say
they often laugh
and terrible things said
are overlooked, this being the current
definition of forgiveness, overlooking

From kitchen, sounds permeate
What was once white noise now disquiet
Resolute unnumbness obsequious nodding smiling
Sadness and happiness make love
into a moment of silence
that passes between us

Outside on sidewalk, the cement
of an almost November is cooler than
June, much cooler
and shoes and socks
make pavement feel like it is not
the favorite child
That pavement is a second class citizen
Shoes and socks evidence of this
So common place–as anything so common place
Tantamount, it does not exist
Yet it might as the allure of inference
is amusing, delightful, in unprecedent silence
that has the gravity of a thousand moons

She my comrade in arms, demands attention before leaving the restaurant
before we walk over the second class citizen sidewalk pavement
The one I love commands me to look at her
and I do
She is beautiful

When I look at her
everything disappears
this is how I ignore the waiter I don’t like,
by looking at her

I tell her this after the waiter
leaves and she resents and loves me for
this, which is the way her feeling
says to me “I love you”

I tell her this too
she resents and loves me more
because of this

To speak further about this
would now be a sin

The bill is put on the table
Inflation has calmed down
and the dollar amount owing
seems to be settled on 53 dollars
and 45 cents
Economy of numbers has found accord
in appearing as stagnation
whilst expanding without measure, a magic
it to itself–both audience and performer
both sound and silence and has no name
like a caveman 8000 years ago

The memory of stuffed mushrooms horderves
visits palate and nasal cavity as we exit
stage left
Patrons ocular passing regard ‘I exist, you exist’
Audacity of humility with boastful eyes, she and I
the language of cats, the grandeur of success
needs at least validation
Validation the essence of success
Unvalidate the essence of oneness
I don’t want to be a failure

We will pray to oneness tonight with kisses
and release our feral gentry for
a moment of beastly introspection
which can be reframed as love later
the act of making children

cold and calculated with ineluctable kindness



Picture Connoisseur Gallery Designed by Studiotwist
from Wiki Commons C.C. 3.0


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