I made this picture  of how I pictured myself experiencing a Prana Pyramid .

In episode [#183] Build your own Pyramid Wisdom by @david_wilcock on gaia.com

David Wilcock talks about benefits of using pyramids in his Build your own Pyramid Wisdom episode from Wisdom Teachings.

I used prana to build a pyramids around me.    I immediately experience benefits of a pyramid.

I am not religious, or spiritual in a traditional sense.

I am a yogi.  I have and do experience samadhi.  I have meditated more than 10,000 hours.

I use the words conscious intelligence to describe what I am.

What I am determines what I do and see and by negating what I think I am, I experience new perspectives and or meta-perspectives when looking.


The picture above is combination of  this picture  in public domain with this picture  which

is C.C. 3.0   If someone wishes to use this picture or build on this picture they may do

so under the same C.C. 3.0 attribution.


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