Cup and Cap (Film)

Cup and Cap (Film 2015)

This is a film I made in late spring of 2015.


Emerging 21st century “language of perspective” film documentary. Engages in the expiration date of insights and how insights evolve today.

Below * are 2 Techniques on how to speak “language of perspective”

* A daily meditation practice and paying attention to breathe during the day allows one to access “the language of perspective”

* In a conversation—
Don’t speak to the content: speak from and to the perspective(s)

This above behavior is helpful in speaking “language of perspective”. When this happens in our today, it allows for more intelligent, balanced, enjoyable communication and *growing individually exponentially with self, relationships, and beyond.

From egocentric– to
ethnocentric — to
worldcentric — to
to be one of these, or many, all, and/or none, expressed as words or silence
to speak the “language of perspective”

*This film is a diary of the shadows and light that contrast the challenges and joy of speaking this new language in the 21st century.

Oxford dictionary declared “post-truth” word of the year.  Does accessing the “language of perspective” allow one (me, you, us, all of us) to transcend post-truth to a meta-perspective universal truth?   

Documentary by (me) Peter M Mahahead.  Artist name.  This film made it to final round of UK Film Festival submissions. It is inspired in part and whole by Integral Theory Ken Wilber, as well as Swamiji Nithyananda, Adamus, Babaji, Patanjali, Shiva, Reiki Samayama Samadhi, Ashley of USS, family, friends and all beings, that means you.

This is the first film documentary and music video I have done. Wearing all the hats. I bought the camera to do this film. I am glad to know the film made it to final round of UK Film Festival. Most festivals do not tell you this. As it is my first film and probably last, some feedback like that is interesting, objective feed back– to get that far, that is. The film documentary was sent only to 8 large film festivals including TIFF in Toronto. The film is listed on IMdb.

I wrote, mixed, engineered created five songs, shot edited five music videos, edited in five weeks. Both music video and music creation happening concurrent as parts of music video shot before songs were complete. Interesting interplay of two mediums playing off each other simultaneously whilst creating.

The dialogue of the film, comprising of I think 15 or 20 minutes. The general notion of subject was present before, but not written and expressed while recording.

I have not watched the film since I made it and almost forget what I said.

The music is available on Spotify under Peter M Mahahead and on youtube.

I only use twitter in social networking @petermmahahead

Thank you for watching.

Peter M Mahahead


I Am A Yogi

I am a yogi
For me, a yogi is the ultimate role.
Imagine the role of yogi is a big bottomless barrel.

Imagine all the other roles I play are smaller buckets
some buckets are really small, some buckets medium, some big
some buckets can fit in other buckets cause
they are smaller buckets,
roles are like this (we play many roles)
but if I try to fit the barrel in one of the buckets
It won’t fit.  The barrel is too big.  It won’t fit!

It’s like trying to get an elephant to fit
into a small bucket.  Imagine an elephant
sitting on a bucket now. 🙂  Can you imagine that?

Well, yogi is big 
and it cannot fit in these smaller roles,
but all these smaller roles can
fit in the yogi

This how,  I am a yogi













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