Students use the technology of listening, surrender and master to read blindfolded.


You use the technology of me, computer and internet to read this.  Yes?

Listening, Surrender and Master are a technology.  Did you know this?

It is a science.  Just as you have learned to use technology of me, computer and internet, you can also learn the technology of Listening, Surrender and Master!

Imagine for a moment you have never heard of these words Listening, Surrender and Master and they have no meaning to you now.  Imagine watching the video playlists at the bottom of this page that are about these 3 technologies.  Now imagine, after watching the videos, you have an aha moment where you get it!    You just get it.

I wrote this blog to share what I think is the most important things for me to grow consciously in the fastest and most balanced way.  

I am sharing this with you.

About Me Briefly

Below is link to results from my EEG.  It is a measurement of my brain waves using an EEG.   My  predominant brainwaves in waking state are Delta Brainwaves.   Often above 90% delta brain waves for many minutes.

View EEG Results:

Predominant delta brain state is “In Advaita Vedanta, deep dreamless sleep is considered the highest state of consciousness” Source

For 10 years I have been a devotee of the master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.  I recommend him as a master.

 For me, Devotee means I have an inescapable passion to learn and am willing to quiet my mind and listen.  Now, I am a Registered Reiki Teacher with the CRA  Canadian Reiki Association.  Through technology of listening, surrender and master I experienced what is called samadhi on January 3, 2009.  I since have experience siddhis/abilities clairvoyance , Clairolfactus, clairsentient, claircognizance,  Shodashi Tantra “last birth”.    (Science of Animal/Human/God) I have experience the science of swadistana induced tantra samadhi (animal, physical body), anahata induced samadhi (human, relationship/ feelings induced samadhi), and ajna induced (God/non-dual Conscious, 3rd eye induced samadhi).    I have predicted futures.  I have other siddhi shakti as well of systemic diagnostics of individual and group dynamics.  I do not say this in a proud bragging way, but as a testimonial to the science of Listening, Surrender and Master.    

 I have the role to share these 3 technologies of Listening, Surrender, and Master, and I am

In the film Harry Potter, there is a scene at a train station where Harry Potter has to go through a wall at Platform 9 and 3/4 at the train station.  I consider the technology of Listening, Surrender and Master to be like this;  a door to the sacred secrets of yoga and enlightenment.


There is latin phrase  repetitio est mater studiorum.  Translated this means “repetition is the mother of learning”

 repetitio est mater studiorum

  repetitio est mater studiorum


I have made 3 playlists that talk about the same things over and over and over.

 repetitio est mater studiorum

I recommend watching all of these videos on these playlists.


The 1st youtube playlist below focuses on the Technology of Listening.   
All the videos in this playlist are specifically on  Technology of Listening.

Technology of “Listening”  Nithyananda  (15 videos)

The 2nd youtube playlist below focuses on the Technology of Surrender. 
All the videos are specifically on Technology of Surrender.

Technology of “Surrender”  Nithyananda  (14 videos)

The 3rd playlist below focuses on the Technology of Master.  
All the videos are specifically on technology of  Master.

Technology of “Master”  Nithyananda  (9 videos)

If a seeker/yogi experiences these three technologies of Listening, Surrender and Master, then a natural path will reveal itself on how to continue for the reader.

Thank you

Peter M Mahahead, Yogi














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