Last night I saw 5 UFOs May 27, 2017.   One of the UFOs did a 45 degree turn.

For the past few years I have done CE-5 protocol developed by Dr. Steven Greer.  I have had success with it.    Thank you Dr. Greer!

Last night I changed the protocol  a bit.   Instead of traveling through solar system and galaxy out of Milky Way and then back to bring enlightened beings to visit,

  1. I take a picture of the sky with my 3rd eye.

I connect to all the stars that I can see with my third eye with lines connecting them to my 3rd eye.

Below is a picture I made to help illustrate this.


This shows ETs through “Star GPS” where I am.  I quick snap shot that leads to an exact location.   

2. I send this image out to the cosmos from my 3rd eye (ajna chakra located between the eye brows) and say

“I invite Enlightened beings to invite this Enlightened being on to your Enlightened space ship and this enlightened beings says yes to going on your enlightened spaceship.  Then after spending enlightened time together I will come back here to earth”

It is important to send the message to Enlightened beings.  

Now, when I do this, I also say

3. “Enlightened beings, follow all the lines from all the stars and find me.”

That’s it.



Now you may wonder, my brain cannot connect to all the stars with lines like this.  Well, it can.   Relax, look at it, imagine lines connecting all the stars to your third eye located between your eye brows.  For a fraction of a moment this happens.  You will hardly be able to tell it happens, but this image exists.  Now, send this image out to the cosmos.   Do this over and over numerous times with the wording above for enlightened beings.

** It is important to say enlightened beings because then all beings that connect are caring loving intelligent beings who are enlightened.  **



Sri Nithyananda is my master/teacher.

Look below and see a Sri Yantra  image from my master from India.  In the image below  circle with triangles, the Sri Yantra, if you look at it, then look to the side of the picture real quickly you will notice the image appear somewhere else.



This is the same principle of how your brain can connect all the stars and send it out to enlightened ET beings.  Try it again.  Look at Sri Yantra, then look away and notice how your brain remembers it and projects it.  Now, you know you can do this with stars.


Here is the picture again of how I send a “Star GPS” image out to enlightened beings.



Now, when I do this, I also say

“Enlightened beings, follow all the lines from all the stars and find me.”

When I did this last night I saw 5 UFOs.   One UFO did a 45 degree turn in the sky.

To be clear, these were not planes, not the ISS, not asteroids and not shooting stars.

They were lights in the sky that do not fit those profiles of speed or distance.

It took 15 minutes of of connecting and repeating the process for the first UFO to appear.  Then within about 15 minutes I saw 5 UFOs in total with one slowing and doing a 45 degree turn.



It is my goal to do CE-8.


What is CE-8?

Close encounter of the 8th kind

….to go on a space ship as enlightened being with enlightened beings spending enlightened time together, growing, learning, and be blissful….


To learn more about CE-5 you may visit Dr. Steven Greer’s web site

Below is a 30 minute CE-5 meditation by Dr. Steven Greer on youtube.  Anyone interested I recommend this meditation by Dr.  Greer.



I also recommend Dr. Greer’s new film Unacknowledged below is  minute trailer.

To watch full Unacknowledged visit Dr. Greer’s page



If you are interested developing your 3rd eye

I recommend Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda 1) video below,   2)  be vegetarian, 3) taking Haritaki is good to take to help decalcification/clean pineal   4)  Meditate on your third eye  5) Have a quiet mind.    6) Mediate daily.  7) Be blissful


Thank you for reading


Be blissful


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