Want (poem)

I want to begin where I left off I want to go somewhere where I am not but I don’t really want that I want you to hold my hand or at least be within arms reach should I need to reach out or have you glance at me to conceal connubial regard a passing […]

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Humming (for Glenn Gould) poem

I want to be a grave robber or a dentist pulling teeth out No! The irreconcilable difference of a tax return that has whiskers and bad breathe No! Our former Canadian Prime Minster MacKenzie talks to ghosts, the current Prime Minister Trudeau listens to people Trees are alive with the idea of rain from the […]

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Happy (poem)

“I am happy  all the time“    “Recently, at my father’s funeral, this bothered many people….” “People, family, friends before the funeral had not mentioned to Mother how unusual and strange it is that I am happy all the time, but under these circumstances with Dad’s death many were extremely  bothered by my happiness at […]

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Birth (poem)

dilated disarm counting language with a feeling with a penchant for wine drift of languorous attention a reason to slip through the clouds through her thighs birth, before the yellow sun melts before the corner of lips smile minefield curse, affect deadpan face cottons soft and  paint cries rung of ladder, high and dry in the […]

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