She, and He (part 2)

Postulating, it is only from a non-inclusive perspective that inclusiveness occurs.   Yesterday, I wrote She, and He.    Today I wrote something else because of She, and He.  I call this She, and He (part 2) Read 1st She, and He here> She, and He   She, and He (part 2)  begins now   How does […]

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She, and He

  Recently, I tweeted to person “Skating is breathing for a Canadian boy” The person tweeted back “and girls” Gender linguistic systemic bias can and has created inequality historically and is overcome by inclusiveness like this tweet “and girls”.  It is good and intelligent to be inclusive. I recommend everyone do it!  Are there exceptions […]

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Twin Peaks Poetree (Art Film)

  For more Twin Peaks inspired dialogue music art film, In The Blink of an Eye, Visit->   Twin Peaks Poetree Art Film – It’s a scream. Inspired by Twin Peaks  David Lynch – What, or who is the Poetree? Duration: 14 minutes 50 seconds by Peter M Mahahead   Below is the written dialogue and description […]

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Quiet Door (poem)

Quiet, the door forgot what a knock is and I learn not to judge or honk my horn in impatience especially on busy roads under construction I am writing Sometime today, eye lids lift and elevators lift people escalators lift thought to words without the batting of an eyelash circumference unnoticed its currency in silence […]

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Sprigs Of Time Master Playlist

This is the Sprigs of Time Master Playlist on spotify that includes all play lists.  Currently the master play list has 41 songs and duration of 2 hours and 33 minutes.    This is a play list of new and un-new music.  Enjoy! Here is a list of Sprigs of Time Playlists that are included […]

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