Extraterrestrial Friend (Music Video) by Peter M Mahahead

  Wrote this on March 6, 2020.  It is for a musical play/film.  Felt to make a music video, so I did yesterday.  Read lyrics below. High quality audio flac file can be downloaded from my soundcloud Inspiration song broken down into parts 3-12 @ABBA 13-14 @awvanwyngarden 29-32 @officialjoydivision 33-35 @DavidBowieReal 44-1:11 David Bowie 1:15-1:42 E.T. 1:43-1:48 @vampireweekend 1:49-2:05 @DBtodomundo 2:06-2:12 […]

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Perfect Stranger (original song)

Written January 17, 2020 in 15 minutes.  Immediately recorded for future reference purposes.  Never intended to share this.   Shortly after,  I decided to share it.  This literally the first time I ever played or sung this song.   What does a song sound like the first time it is ever sung?  I found this intriguing, and […]

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You Know (original song)

Written January 16, 2020.  Took 15 minutes to write.  I recorded it immediately for future references.  This is my first time ever singing this.  I decided to share it after.  What a song sounds like the first time it is ever sung. You Know (lyrics) You know, sometimes babies cry and no one can ignore […]

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I wrote a guitar interpretation for the song Woodstock by Joni Mitchell. Below is a live youtube video of me playing this guitar tab I wrote. If you are interested in playing it you may use the guitar tab I wrote interpreting Joni Mitchell’s piano to guitar. Woodstock, by Joni Mitchell Standard Tuning This version […]

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