Quiet Door (poem)

Quiet, the door forgot what a knock is and I learn not to judge or honk my horn in impatience especially on busy roads under construction I am writing Sometime today, eye lids lift and elevators lift people escalators lift thought to words without the batting of an eyelash circumference unnoticed its currency in silence […]

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Sprigs Of Time Master Playlist

This is the Sprigs of Time Master Playlist on spotify that includes all play lists.  Currently the master play list has 41 songs and duration of 2 hours and 33 minutes.    This is a play list of new and un-new music.  Enjoy! Here is a list of Sprigs of Time Playlists that are included […]

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#2 Sprigs of Time Playlist

Spotify playlist name:   #2 Sprigs of Time Playlist September 11, 2017 CLICK PLAY ABOVE AND LISTEN NOW TO #2 SPRIGS OF TIME PLAYLIST SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 The     #2 Sprigs of Time Playlist September 11, 2017      is a Spotify playlist of  new music and unnew music.  (19 songs, 1 hour and 9 minutes long) […]

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Want (poem)

I want to begin where I left off I want to go somewhere where I am not but I don’t really want that I want you to hold my hand or at least be within arms reach should I need to reach out or have you glance at me to conceal connubial regard a passing […]

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Humming (for Glenn Gould) poem

I want to be a grave robber or a dentist pulling teeth out No! The irreconcilable difference of a tax return that has whiskers and bad breathe No! Our former Canadian Prime Minster MacKenzie talks to ghosts, the current Prime Minister Trudeau listens to people Trees are alive with the idea of rain from the […]

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Happy (poem)

“I am happy  all the time“    “Recently, at my father’s funeral, this bothered many people….” “People, family, friends before the funeral had not mentioned to Mother how unusual and strange it is that I am happy all the time, but under these circumstances with Dad’s death many were extremely  bothered by my happiness at […]

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